Heinz Baby & The Work Perk supporting The NHS

Last week Heinz Baby Food announced a partnership with The Work Perk to deliver thousands of meals to feed the children of NHS frontline workers. 

Improving Working Lives Coordinator Charmaine Yankey, Barts Health NHS Trust Public Health Department in London commented:

"The generous donation we’re about to receive of Heinz Baby food will be massively appreciated. On behalf of Barts Health NHS Trust healthcare professionals and the maternity ward patients, we can’t thank Heinz enough. Family meal time for our healthcare professionals is a really special time, now more than ever, and having this organised for our staff alleviates the worry of what to fix for dinner for their young ones back home. Thanks again Heinz, and The Work Perk for all your support!"

Thanks to the Daily Mirror for covering our campaign. You can read the full article here.


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