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Office sampling solutions 



2018, 2019 & 2020

The Work Perk enables brands to get their products into the hands of millions of office workers globally.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with media messages on a daily basis. However the office environment is the one area where there are little forms of marketing media, allowing sole brand voice in a clutter free environment.



The opportunity to segment our network allows brands to precisely target the ideal consumer, eliminating product wastage whilst activating a social audience to talk about their product.​


Post-trial, that ever elusive consumer feedback is gleaned via an online questionnaire.


Workplace sampling with The Work Perk has become a key feature in our marketing strategy for new product launches. Working with The Work Perk since 2017, we've successfully driven brand awareness amongst our target audience, through placement in relevant workplaces.


The actionable insights and videography feedback generated by each campaign have proved to be valuable in the initial product launch research. This is further showcased through the IPM 2018 "New Product Launch" gold award with our Nature Valley Nut Butter Cups. The Work Perk’s ability to diversify campaigns and deliver to our goals has led to a long term partnership that is sure to continue to innovate the sampling sector.

Vicky Huggins, General Mills


Capitalise and align consumption periods during the course of the working day. Delivery of samples direct to employees desks' not only creates phenomenal brand engagement and creates conversations amongst colleagues - but lets face it, it's a bit of fun too right?!...

Office Sampling

For brand-to-hand engagement, why not impact your audience with fun and exciting pop-up and experiential activation's...

Experiential Sampling
07.03.2019 - White Collar Factory - YES!
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